The Benefits of AI Report Writing: Automation and Efficiency (And How To Get Past AI Detectors)

Are you wondering how AI writing tools are going to affect the future?

Me too!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) report writing has been gaining much attention in the business world lately for good and bad reasons.

We are at the forefront of the AI age, and it will be more prevalent in our lives whether we like it or not.

I don’t mean that AI will start thinking for itself and create a Judgement day (I hope). I am talking about the headlines of Chat GPT being used for cheating purposes in schools and businesses when writing reports. Just like the human race to take something cool and find a way to exploit it!

While AI has a theoretical downside (like AI taking over and us fighting to get out of the Matrix), there are also significant upsides – especially for writers. AI and AI writing tools enable us to automate the process of creating reports, eliminating tedious manual tasks while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

There’s no doubt that AI writing tools have revolutionized report writing, and they can really make a difference in the speed and quality of writing reports – as long as you are using them properly. While you should never cheat on a report, it’s much worse getting caught. If you are going to use AI writing tools, make sure you at least use them in a way that will get you past AI writing detectors (oh yeah, that’s a thing).

This blog will dive into everything you need to know about AI report writing, how teachers are getting wise to students using ChatGPT to cheat, and how you can get around it.

Automation Done By An AI Writing Assistant

Nobody likes writing reports. They are filled with mundane facts that only a few people care about. However, this is exactly why AI writing tools are so great at writing reports and why fewer people get caught at having an AI write the whole thing: AI writing tools are excellent at writing about mundane facts.

However, cheating at school reports aside, AI writing assistants vastly improve your writing efficiency, especially for businesses.

AI report writing automates creating reports, making it easier for businesses to develop clear and concise documents without investing time or effort into manual tasks such as data collection, formatting, and proofreading.

Some examples of tasks that can be automated with an AI writer include

  • Data extraction from databases
  • Sentence summarization of long descriptions
  • Language checking for grammar errors
  • Natural language processing (NLP) for a better understanding of critical concepts.

This automation saves time by eliminating manual processes so businesses can focus on more critical tasks.

Jasper AI writing
Jasper AI writing templates

Efficiency in Content Writing

If you’re a business owner, your main goal is to lower costs and increase profits.

With an AI writing tool helping your staff write reports, you are saving time and money, plus increasing productivity – all wins in the profit calculating column.

In addition to using automation for improved workflow efficiency, AI report writing also helps to improve overall quality by utilizing advanced algorithms that can detect errors or inconsistencies in data during analysis before they become problematic. This leads to more accurate results since errors or discrepancies will be caught before the document is finalized.

An AI writer can help reduce costs associated with human labour since they don’t require salaries or other benefits like healthcare packages. Yet, at the same time, they still produce excellent, quality content compared to manual efforts alone. This increased efficiency drives cost savings and increase productivity since less time is needed to edit costly mistakes after the final product is delivered.

AI content writer tools can help you write long-form content or rework existing content quickly. For many small business owners, blog site owners, or content writers, An AI article writing or AI copywriting tool is a cost-effective alternative to

Use Cases for Content Creation and Report Writing

AI writing tools have been around for a few years but are really starting to gain traction now, thanks to an influx of venture capital investment that has come out of cryptocurrency and been put into AI.

AI writers have already been deployed across different industries with varying levels of success, including fields such as

  • Financial services: Their usage is most beneficial due to the highly complex security protocols required when handling sensitive information such as customer portfolios
  • Legal services: Documents need strict adherence regulations; analytics departments who wish to generate visualizations faster than any human employee ever could
  • Marketing teams: They require quick turnaround times on promotional material
  • Newsrooms: Producing large volumes of stories under tight deadlines
  • Recruitment circles: Shaping job listings personalized specifically toward target demographics
  • Public relations firms: Helping disseminate corporate communications effectively via media outlets
  • Healthcare providers: Constructing medical history dossiers tailored towards individual patient needs etc.

Almost any job is being enhanced or affected by artificial intelligence today. Many of them could use AI writing tools to generate their reports faster. There are numerous companies out there already implementing these use cases, too, like

  • Thomson Reuters
  • Intuit
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • Arista Networks Incorporated
  • Illumio Incorporated

These companies drive more significant insights through their respective trade operations, allowing them to scale accordingly while outsourcing mundane work given by experienced professionals within their echelons.

AI Report Writing and ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI that can generate highly human-like text. With the ability to be fine-tuned for specific tasks, such as report writing, provided with input prompts or topics, ChatGPT produces custom content adapted to your needs.

However, it’s important to remember that some inaccuracies and grammatical errors may present after generation (as we’ll discuss next) – so constantly review any generated texts before using them professionally!

Many people have taken to using ChatGPT to write their reports for school, which is causing controversy. ChatGPT is so good at writing reports that teachers have difficulty telling the difference!

Here is a report I got ChatGPT to whip up.

Chat GPT can write a report on just about anything

However, when a new technology comes along, there is always another one behind it that will counter it. For ChatGPT, there are now AI detectors such as is a simple tool you sign up for and purchase credits. You can copy and paste a piece of content into the tool, and it will tell you how much is written by an AI text generator. It also tells you how much is plagiarised. (see picture below)

Try ChatGPT here.

Challenges & Limitations of AI Writing Tools

First of all, AI writing tools are not perfect. This must be remembered constantly when writing reports with AI tools such as ChatGPT, Jasper,, or any of the many other AI writing tools available today.

  • AI writing tools sometimes get dates, prices, and times wrong and have trouble with number accuracy.
  • AI report writing software and other AI writing tools can use write outdated data when writing — they can only read the internet up to 2021
  • Different AI writing tools have read different amounts of the internet so that they will give different outputs with different accuracies.

Here is an example from Jasper.AI as to why you cannot rely on AI writers wholly to write for you.

I asked Jasper to write about its own price structure, and here is what it gave me:

Jasper writing about its own price structure.

As you can see, there are many grammar mistakes, but more than that, it cannot tell me the prices of its own plans. While that may be forgivable because their prices are customizable with a slider on their pricing page (which it doesn’t even mention), the rest of the information is also incorrect.

  • Jasper does not offer a free plan with all features
  • There are only two additional tiers after the Basic plan (which is not free but offers a free trial – also not mentioned), Boss Mode and Business
  • There are no Custom, Enterprise, and Professional plans
  • There’s no mention of discounts for schools and educational systems (it just made that up because it sounded good!)

Here’s what Jasper’s pricing options actually are:

Jasper’s actual pricing plans

Don’t get me wrong – I have Jasper. I love Jasper. But it ain’t perfect. Think twice before writing a report entirely with AI and submitting it.

While there are some challenges and limitations with AI writing tools, they are getting better — and they are getting better fast. AI technology is rapidly evolving and will soon be writing bigger, better, longer, and faster reports.

How Best to Use AI Writing Tools to Write a Report without Getting Caught By Plagiarism and AI Detection Catchers

Since AI report writing tools are not perfect, you cannot simply input what you want, press enter, and then paste it into a word document. You also can’t just have AI write a report for you and hand it in, even if it is readable. AI detection tools can tell when you just use AI to write your reports – unless you use these tips.

Here are some tips for AI writing tools to write a report.

  1. Find an AI writing tool that works best for you. Some of the best ones I have used are,, and Writesonic.
  2. Open a new document or use a long-form content generator tool to start writing your report.
  3. When writing, give the AI tool as much information as possible so you get the best outputs.
  4. However, you want to use the Ai tool to fill in the mundane data and then fill in the personalized areas yourself.
  5. To avoid plagiarism and AI detection, take the AI-generated content and run it through a content improver AI tool.
  6. Use the AI writing tool to generate ideas and rewrite them yourself.
  7. Re-read everything the AI writing tool produces because it may be inaccurate or not say what you want it to.
  8. Use various tools to get what you want — do not just ask the AI tool to write a whole report for you.
  9. Have the AI writing tool write one section of the report at a time instead of all at once — you will get much more accurate and well-written content this way. For example, have the AI tool create a blog outline first. Then highlight one section (the introduction, let’s say, and have it focus on just that part. You will get a more thorough response that you can build off instead of having the AI tool write the whole report.
The best way to get the maximum information out of Chat GPT.

10. Use OpenAI’s API Playground to write a report. This is another AI writing tool and the predecessor to Chat GPT. You can usually get a unique report that passes AI detection tools using this tool if you use the following settings:

  • Temperature to 0.7
  • Max length to 2500
  • Frequency to 0.7
  • Presence to 0.6.

These settings will allow the AI writing tool to create a unique piece of content that will bypass plagiarism and AI detection tools. However, you will have to edit the content that comes out heavily. So it’s not perfect, but it’s something.

Using these tips, you can write a report with AI tools much faster and with better quality.

If you want to dive deeper into even more tips on effectively using AI writing tools and getting the most out of them, check out this post.


AI writing tools can be a fantastic addition to help you create reports faster and make you a better writer in the process. But you can’t rely on them to do ALL the work.

Using an AI writer for creating reports has many advantages, including improved accuracy and efficiency, while enabling businesses to save valuable resources such as time and money. With an AI writing generator, you can get better writing results in shorter periods than the “easier” method of having it create the entire report for you.

The best AI content generator tools use AI to generate the content you need to write a report but lack a human touch to make it readable. Use an AI content generation tool to help you generate content for your next report, but make sure you take the precautions of making it unique and so that it will pass an AI text test.

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