7 Best Artificial Intelligence Recruiting Software: An Overview (2023)

AI recruiting tools streamline the hiring process by using artificial intelligence to only put the most qualified candidates in front of your eyes.

Artificial intelligence has taken over the recruiting world.

It is now the key to finding the best candidates for your company. Gone are the days of scanning through resumes and interviewing endless candidates.

You can find the perfect candidate in minutes with artificial intelligence recruiting software.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent than ever.

In addition to AI intelligent recruiting software, there are now AI writing tools to help your write better articles for your website, business intelligence tools that use forms of AI to optimize your website, and SEO tools using AI to help your website rank higher on search engines.

This blog post will review seven of the best artificial intelligence recruiting software available today. We provide a comprehensive overview, discuss each software’s top features, and explain how much it costs or how to get a price.

Let’s get started, but first, let’s make sure you know everything there is to know about artificial intelligence recruiting software.

What is the Purpose of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence consists of artificial devices replicating human cognitive capabilities like learning, thinking and self-correction. The system aims to predict results with minimal human input, processing massive quantities of information faster than humans and performing repetitive tasks with higher precision with advanced AI.

What is AI Recruitment Software?

The new technology in artificial intelligence for hiring includes digitizing interviews with candidates to improve their performance.

It helps reduce the cost of the product by improving its performance. AI recruitment software sales will grow by 2.62 billion by 2025, and companies using it can reap the rewards.

AI recruiting software is a computer application that helps recruit through artificial intelligence capabilities. This means these programs can learn and adapt based on human data about what works and doesn’t.

Why Do Companies Use AI Recruiting Software?

AI recruiting software can help identify potential candidates, match them to open positions, and even conduct initial screening interviews. By automating these tasks, AI recruitment software can save businesses time and money.

Additionally, AI recruitment software can help reduce hiring bias by selecting candidates based on skills and qualifications rather than personal characteristics. As a result, AI recruitment software has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses recruit and hire employees.

What Is the Best AI Recruiting Software?

AI recruiting tools are becoming more popular as artificial intelligence becomes more advanced. It streamlines the hiring process and gives businesses a better look at the most qualified candidates.

Here are the top seven AI recruiting tools that you can use to find the most qualified candidates from your pool of job seekers.



Arya is an AI recruiting software that helps you find the best candidates for your open positions. It searches through resumes and matches them to your job descriptions. Arya also conducts initial screening interviews with candidates to help narrow your search.

Arya AI recruiting software.
Arya AI recruiting software.

The software uses AI to source candidates from the open web and your ATS/CRM. It also includes a candidate engagement suite that allows you to reach out to candidates quickly, ask screening questions, and schedule interviews. This decreases cost per hire and time to fill.

Top Features:

  • It will search through all your resumes.
  • It provides tools to quickly identify the best qualities and talent so you can focus on interviewing.
  • Identify the best talent so you can hire the best people quickly.
  • Find people with the skills you need similar to your current candidates.
  • Build high-quality candidate pipelines that are ready to move.


Arya offers two pricing plans: Pulse and Quantum.

  • Arya Pulse: This plan is ideal for companies with random hiring needs, so you pay per job. From $199 to $599. ‍
  • Arya Quantum: Designed for larger companies and agencies that hire high-volume, Arya Quantum has customized subscription-based pricing.



Paradox AI is a leading provider of AI recruiting software. Their flagship product, Olivia, is an AI assistant who interacts with job candidates via text. Olivia saves recruiters’ time by automatically conversing with job candidates to schedule interviews, send reminders, execute screening, and many other options.

Paradox AI recruiting software,
Paradox AI recruiting software,

AI starts working when candidates apply for an opening through a job board. Olivia will then find the most suitable space for a candidate based on their answers.

Top Features:

  • AI recruiting software that is efficient and accessible, with support available via phone.
  • AI chatbot that responds to candidates in a way that feels personal.
  • AI software saves time and ensures that only the best candidates are considered.
  • Over 250 customers


Paradox AI recruiting software does not disclose its prices. However, you can schedule a demo with Paradox, who will quote you a price based on your business needs.



Seekout AI recruiting software helps organizations identify the best candidates by providing data-driven insights personalized to each individual.

SeekOut AI recruiting software.
Seekout AI recruiting software.

The platform pulls data points from various sources, including job boards, social media, and professional networks. This allows companies to comprehensively view each candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experience.

As a result, Seekout AI recruiting software is essential for any company serious about finding the best candidates for their open positions.

Top Features:

  • AI recruiting software is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits.
  • Has a Talent 360 platform that offers personalized experiences, which allows for a more customized and efficient experience when sourcing candidates.
  • Seekout AI has user-friendly tools like video interviews which help to speed up the recruitment process.
  • The resume parsing feature is also beneficial in automatically extracting critical information from resumes.
  • Seekout AI provides executive-level insights for hiring managers that can help guide recruiting strategy.


Seekout does not disclose its prices. They offer a demo of their product and then give you a price based on your business needs.



TurboHire AI recruiting software is designed to streamline and improve the traditional recruiting process.

The platform uses an intelligent algorithm to match qualified applicants with jobs based on their skills, interests and availability. This means that resumes and job interviews are not relied upon solely, saving time in the interviewing process.

TurboHire AI recruitment software.
TurboHire AI recruitment software.

TurboHire’s collaborative approach meets hiring managers halfway through the interview process, ensuring everyone is on the same page. By integrating with your company’s current CRM software and other systems, you can be confident in every candidate hired through TurboHire.

Consequently, using AI to reduce the time spent interviewing candidates leads to improved efficiency and effectiveness in the recruiting process.

Top Features:

  • Helps organizations streamline their hiring process and improve their candidate experience.
  • Businesses can get a birds-eye perspective on their recruiting process workflows to arrange their hiring well in advance.
  • The “Talent Pipeline” feature helps businesses create a talent pipeline for all their open positions. This ensures that companies can continue growing, even as they have open positions to fill.
  • Personalized interview experience puts candidates at ease by allowing them to complete the process anywhere.
  • Stakeholders can engage with candidates, keep track of the talent pipeline, and produce powerful hiring reports.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic: Starts at $40 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $177 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $450 per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $1340 per month



Fetcher AI recruiting software is a great way to find relevant candidates and save time on repetitive tasks. The platform uses machine learning to find candidates that match your job requirements and then engages them via text or email.

Fetcher AI recruitment software.
Fetcher AI recruitment software.

This AI sourcing is a great way to augment your recruiting efforts while saving time. The repetitive tasks are automated, so you can put more time and energy into candidate engagement and your recruitment strategy. Fetcher AI recruiting software is an excellent tool for any business looking to streamline its recruitment process.

Top Features:

  • Ability to provide curated batches of candidates that meet your criteria every time.
  • Analytics to understand how you’re tracking towards your hiring goals quickly.
  • You’ll save hours each day that you would have otherwise spent on candidate outreach and engagement.
  • You can dedicate more time to the candidate’s experience, resulting in a better overall experience for everyone involved.


Fetcher does not openly share its pricing structure. You can contact them directly to learn more about Fetcher and the price they will charge for your business.



Humanly.io‘s AI recruiting software offers a chatbot that automates repetitive tasks for recruiters, including screening and scheduling candidates, reference checking, and re-engaging. The chatbot is designed explicitly for mid-market companies who need a simple and fast implementation tool.

Humanly AI recruiting software.
Humanly AI recruiting software.

Humanly’s AI recruiting software integrates directly with your ATS, so recruiters don’t need to log into another system. The software is also DEI-friendly and offers a streamlined hiring process that eliminates the need for recruiters to sift through resumes manually. You can save time and money with Humanly’s AI recruiting software while providing an excellent candidate experience.

Top Features:

  • Designed to help companies improve their diversity by automating the screening and interview process.
  • Provides insights into how candidates interact with their online applications, allowing hiring managers to make better-informed decisions.
  • Assist in selecting fairer and more competent candidates for the job.
  • Helps to reduce time spent on administrative tasks so that companies can focus on their core business needs.
  • Humanly.io AI recruiting software is invaluable for companies looking to improve their diversity by design.


Humanly.io does not advertise its prices. You can request a software demo, and the company will quote you a fee for the number of features that suits your needs.



If you’re looking for AI recruiting software that can help you speed up your hiring process, XOR is an excellent option.

With XOR’s platform, you’ll be able to spend 100% of your time speaking with exceptional talent instead of wasting time on repetitive tasks like pre-screening candidates or scheduling interviews.

XOR AI recruitment software.
XOR AI recruitment software.

XOR offers a variety of features to help you find the best candidates, including candidate sourcing, interviewing, offer negotiation and onboarding.

Top Features:

  • Designed to help businesses find and hire the best employees quickly and efficiently.
  • Virtual career fairs, virtual interviews, and various communication tools.
  • Businesses can reach candidates from all over the world and reduce hiring times.
  • Designed to help businesses follow the right processes and avoid losing any candidates through the cracks.
  • Businesses can streamline their hiring process and ensure that they are always attracting top talent.


XOR does not advertise its price, but you can schedule a 30-minute demonstration of its product to decide if it’s right for you. After the demo, the representative will discuss pricing options.

Wrap Up

Overall, these seven AI recruiting software platforms are all excellent options for businesses looking to improve their hiring process. All of the software offers a variety of features that can help companies to find and hire the best employees quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, all of the software is designed to help businesses follow the right processes and avoid losing any candidates through the cracks.

Finally, all the software offers a free trial or demonstration, so businesses can try out the platform before making a purchase.

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