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I worked a lot of years in the content industry when I was in New York, leading paid media for one of the biggest digital publishers, which was ranked in the top 100 websites.

Over this time, I learned a lot about content marketing, SEO, and how to make money online.

However, working for a company with systems in place and working for myself and building my own systems was WAY more challenging.

But I love a good challenge.

After much trial and error, I built a link-building machine that got me 40 guest posts in my first 8 weeks, which allowed me to build over 140 backlinks.

This has helped skyrocket my own DR rating from zero to 40 in less than 2 months.

But this wasn’t just for my site, my client, with only 10 backlinks, grew their client’s website DR from 0-25 in only 3 weeks.

This business is quite simple in theory, but it is challenging to find sustained success in this field.

But, like everything else in life, it’s easier said (or written) than done.

Want to know how to create an SEO content website that you can use to make tons of cash?

I can tell you, but doing it yourself and achieving success on your own is a whole different story…

Here’s how the game works:

  1. Find relevant content your target audience wants to read about (and hopefully pay for).
  1. Write 1500 to 3000-word articles on the content yourself or pay a writer (a good one) to write it for you.
  1. Optimize your content using SEO techniques and software to get your content ranked (and actually get read).
  1. Email high DR websites and ask them to get your article and website links on their website to create high-authority backlinks that Google loves.
  1. Create link exchange opportunities with other people so that they can put their links to your published content, and you can put your links to their published content.
  1. Once your website gets enough links to achieve a high enough DR to attract enough traffic, you’ll need a way to convert this traffic into paying customers (after all, we’re here to make money, right?).
  1. Then you need to analyze data points to see what is working (and what isn’t).
  1. This all needs thousands of dollars worth of software to ensure everything runs smoothly.

When done right, this type of content machine can really drive traffic to your site.

And when you have traffic to your site… that’s when you can start bringing in revenue.

And I mean REAL revenue.

However, you cannot just go straight to scaling your content without doing all the foundation-building steps first (trust me, I tried).

Scaling your website without the proper fundamentals is a recipe for disaster. You’ll have a house of cards built on sand — and it will crumble.

I can teach you how to build a solid foundation that will allow you to scale your business to new heights.

Not only have I scaled my business fast, but I have also built it with connections and a solid foundation so I can scale it without limits.

Here’s how I can help you get the same (or better!) results that I got. 

My Bulletproof 5-Point Content Strategy Framework

  • Industry and Competitor Analysis: I’ll establish a baseline for your content strategy based on your industry and analyze your competitors’ strategies. 
  • Research & Strategy Ideation: I’ll find keywords based on the data and your buying customer segment. I’ll determine the initial strategies to test based on goals and budget. 
  • Article Writing & Optimisation: I’ll write incredible articles that will get your content ranked and turn readers into customers. 
  • Link acquisition: I’ll leverage my network and outreach system to build you those quality links that big link agencies pay me for.
  • Reporting: I’ll provide you with the full breakdown of key metrics with any executed strategies.

The best thing about working with me: you’ll save time, money, and headaches. How can I guarantee that? Because I can guarantee I have been through it before.

I know what needs to be done, how to do it, and every problem that comes along with success in this business.

SEO and content marketing are actually quite a simple business. 

All it comes down to is your site, content, and links. 

But simple does not mean easy. 

In fact, simple things are the hardest to execute properly. But they are also the biggest drivers of growth. 

How we work together will be entirely dependent on your needs and goals. 

I can be the consultant who guides you along the way. Or you can put me to work on getting you the deliverables you need to succeed.

If you’re looking for an effective content strategy that will get you results in months, not years, then you’ve come to the right place. 

I only work with a few clients at once, so ensure you get in as soon as possible. Plus, I can guarantee I give my clients my full attention by only taking a couple of clients at once. 

Ready to finally make some serious money from your content and SEO?

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