Jasper vs Writesonic: Which AI Copywriting Software is the Best? (2023)

If you are a writer in any capacity or are in charge of blogs and other content for your business, then you need an AI writing tool.

Artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools are the way of the future that you can own and learn to use today.

Write better, faster, and more accurately than on your own or from a team of writers.

If you’re looking for top-quality copywriting software, you can’t go wrong with Jasper AI or Writesonic AI. Both of these AI writing tools offer amazing features and value for the price.

But which one is the best?

First, let’s ensure you know what AI writing software is and how it works; then, we’ll jump into the comparison of Jasper vs Writesonic.

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence to help with the writing process. It can help with grammar, formatting, and even creating original content.

An AI writing assistant can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Generating text for website copy, blog posts, articles, and other marketing materials with relevant keywords for the content creation process
  • Generating original copy for product descriptions, landing pages, and other sales materials
  • Writing emails, social media posts, and other types of copy for content marketing
  • Creating recipes with an AI article writer
  • Create long-form content for ebooks and other digital products
  • Helping with proofreading and editing

This Writesonic vs Jasper article will compare all of these features and more in each AI writing tool.

How Does AI Copywriting Software Work?

Copywriting software that uses AI is becoming increasingly popular because it can help businesses and individuals create high-quality, accurate, and unique content.

Jasper AI and Writesonic AI are two of the most popular AI copywriting tools available. They offer a wide range of features, but which is the best?

Jasper AI writer is one of the best.
Jasper AI writer is one of the best.

Jasper vs Writesonic

In this article, we will compare Jasper and Writesonic in terms of their templates, languages, grammar and formatting, integrations, long-form copy, paragraph generator, generation of the original document, AI image generator, recipe creation, word database, and customer support.

We’ll also take a look at the pricing for each tool. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which tool is right for you.

Jasper AI can help you write tons of different copy types - including landing pages.
Jasper AI can help you write tons of different copy types – including landing pages.

Comparison of the Top Features of Jasper vs Writesonic

Here is a comparison of the top features of both Jasper and Writesonic.


  • Jasper: Over 50 templates, but the Boss Mode Plan adds more monthly templates (see below for more on Boss Mode).
  • Writesonic: Over 40 templates.


  • Jasper: Can read and write content in over 25 languages.
  • Writesonic: Has over 18 languages available.

Grammar and Formatting

  • Jasper: Has grammar and formatting fix options.
  • Writesonic: Has grammar and formatting fix options.


  • Jasper: Can easily integrate with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Surfer SEO. The Surfer SEO integration comes with the Boss Mode plan. Surfer SEO with Jasper is beneficial for writing copy (usually blog articles) optimized for search engines and will help your website and pages rank higher.
  • Writesonic: Instead of Surfer SEO, Writesonic integrates with Semrush, which does many of the same things as Surfer SEO.

Long-form Copy

  • Jasper: Yes. Jasper has a blog outline tool that will allow you to write long-form copy.
  • Writesonic: Yes, but it is not as good at long-form content as Jasper. If you need something longer than about 700 words, this AI writer is probably not for you.

Paragraph Generator

  • Jasper: Yes. One of the better tools with Jasper. It will generate a paragraph on just about anything with minimal input.
  • Writesonic: Yes.

Generation of Original Copy

  • Jasper: Yes, Jasper generates a 99.99% unique copy that will pass plagiarism checks.
  • Writesonic: Mostly writes unique copy, but there have been some instances where it hasn’t.

AI Image Generator

  • Jasper: Yes, it has Jasper Art that can generate unique AI art or images in seconds.
  • Writesonic: Yes, it has Photosonic, powered by Writesonic.

Recipe Creation

Recipes are pre-made commands that you can use to speed up the process of whatever you are trying to write. Copy and paste the recipes into your template, fill out the blank fields with the information you want to write about, and the AI tool will do the rest.

  • Jasper: Yes. It offers unique recipes and recipes from the community.
  • Writesonic: No.

Word Database

  • Jasper: Has the largest database of words and ideas in the world.
  • Writesonic: Has a smaller database of words.

Customer Support

  • Jasper: Has a thriving 50,000+member Facebook group, which includes Jasper’s CEO Dave Rogenmoser, who is active on it. There are many tutorial videos and a 45-minute BootCamp to get you started. If you send them an email, they usually reply within eight hours.
  • Writesonic: Has email support, an academy, and tutorial videos, but their Facebook group is not as robust.

Pricing for Jasper

Jasper has two pricing plans: Boss Mode and Business.

Jasper’s pricing system allows you to pick how many words per month you need and charges you accordingly for the Boss Mode plan. The Business plan is customizable, and you can get a price directly from Jasper for what suits your business best.

You have a 5-day money-back guarantee.

Here are the starting prices for the plans:

Pricing tiers for Jasper.ai.
Pricing tiers for Jasper.ai.

Pricing for Writesonic

Writesonic’s prices are based on how many words you will use it for. It has three plans: Free Trial, Short Form, and Long Form.

Here are the starting prices for the plans:

Pricing tiers for Writesonic.
Pricing tiers for Writesonic.

Conclusion and Recommendation

This blog post compares the top features of Jasper AI and Writesonic AI in this blog post. Both tools are excellent at creating original copy, formatting content, fixing grammar mistakes, and integrating with other software. However, a few key distinctions between the two may make one more appealing to you than the other.

Jasper AI has over 50 templates, while Writesonic has only 40. Jasper is also available in more languages than Writesonic, so if you need a specific language, Jasper is more likely to have you covered.

Additionally, if you plan on writing long-form copy (more than 700 words), Jasper is a better tool because it comes with a blog outline tool. Another area where Jasper outperforms Writesonic is image generation; Jasper Art can generate unique AI art or images in seconds, while Photosonic from Writesonic can only create photos.

Recipe Creation is another area where Jasper excels; it offers unique recipes and recipes from the community that can be used to speed up the writing process. Lastly, customer support is another strong point for Jasper; it has a thriving 50,000+member Facebook group with many tutorial videos and email support that usually replies within 8 hours. In contrast, Writesonic’s customer support only consists of email support and tutorial videos.

If you are looking for a tool to help you with your copywriting needs, we recommend Jasper AI. It is a more comprehensive tool that will help you with everything from writing original content to generating images. The only drawback is that it is slightly more expensive than Writesonic AI; however, the extra features and functionality are worth the price difference.

Jasper is the better AI copywriting software because it has more features, a more extensive word database, and customer support. If you are starting out or on a budget, Writesonic is a good option, but it does not have as many features as Jasper.

If you’re looking for more information on Jasper, read our full review here.

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