The Best AI Essay Writing Software Tools: Get An AI Essay Writer to Help You Generate Unique Content

Have you seen all the news about AI content writing tools – especially Chat GPT?

If you are in the content creation business like I am, then there is no way you could miss it.

My LinkedIn feed is jam-packed with businesses and individuals advertising Chat GPT prompts that will get you the best outputs.

And why not?

AI content generators like Chat GPT (and the OG ones like Jasper and are new tools that need to be learned how to be used. There are right and wrong ways to use a hammer or a fork. AI essay writing software is no different.

Using AI writing tools properly means you can create essays much faster and with better content than ever before.

Misusing them means using poorly researched information and spreading lies about facts, numbers, dates, prices, and more.

This blog will dive into AI that writes essays for you, how they work, and what the best one is.

What Is an AI Essay Writer?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing more prevalent in our everyday life. One of the latest areas where AI is becoming popular is with AI writing tools. AI essay writing tools can help you generate text for a paragraph or content for your whole essay.

An AI writer is a generator of words that uses natural language processing and machine learning to create unique content by taking information from the internet and rearranging it in new ways that are relevant to your chosen topic. Using Ai writing software or an AI writing assistant for content writing or essay writing can help you write quality content in less time and with minimal effort.

How Does An AI Essay Writer Work?

An AI essay writer uses algorithms and natural language processing to generate written content relevant to a given prompt or topic. The AI essay writer will analyze the prompt and gather information from various sources to generate an outline for the essay.

It will then use this outline to generate a written essay, using language and grammar appropriate for the topic and the desired tone of the essay. Some AI essay writers also can analyze a sample essay or writing style and then generate an essay that mimics this style.

What Are the Top AI Essay Writing Tools?

Several AI essay writing tools are available on the market, each with unique features and pricing. Here are some of the top AI essay-writing tools:

Jasper – The OG AI Writer

Jasper is a powerful AI essay-writing tool that uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality essays. Jasper is my favourite AI writing tool because it’s fast, accurate, and can adapt to any writing style. It also offers many helpful features like auto-correction, auto-formatting and plagiarism detection.

I can generate an outstanding essay with Jasper in no time – it’s truly a godsend! I can now write and submit quality essays without hassle thanks to Jasper.

Jasper AI can help write an essay for you.
The blank article tool where Jasper can help write your essay.

Developed by expert coders, its ability to create complex stories will leave you in awe! I have been relying on it to produce blog content and continue doing so, given my positive experience with this incredible technology. Additionally, users do not need specific language skills because 25+ languages are supported on Jasper’s platform, guaranteeing seamless language translation from start to finish.

But remember: while these tools can be very useful in generating ideas or plotting a story, they cannot replace human writers in creating meaningful pieces.

As you can see from the screenshot above, you can get Jasper to write your essay for you, but it will be filled with errors and inaccuracies. Your best bet is to us an AI writing tool to fill in generic information or to generate writing ideas but do most of the writing (and fact-checking) yourself.

Jasper Pricing

If essay writing is your goal, then Boss Mode should be your plan! For only $59 per month, it generates an impressive 100K words. Plus, there’s no character limit – perfect for long-form content.

And if that’s not enough? You can always extend it depending on how much power your project needs. I use Jasper almost every day. If you are writing essays frequently, you need to get Jasper.

A Starter Plan may be a good option for those who need to create up to 20K words per month. However, the 600-character limit of this plan might not cut it for lengthy content pieces like essays. If long-form writing is your goal, consider one of our other plans providing more space and flexibility.

ContentBot – One of the Best AI Essay Writers

ContentBot is a revolutionary AI-based content creator that can turn even the simplest ideas into beautifully crafted pieces. Whether you need concise sales copy or intricate blog posts and essays, ContentBot has got your back!

And to top it all off, there are two engine options for those who want more control – OpenAI GPT-3 for quality output at lightning speed but with limited quantity; and Tinyseed, which produces lower grade text in large quantities albeit slowly. But be warned – if using this software for academic purposes, double-check everything before submitting, as fact-checking will require extra attention from users of Tinyseed.

ContentBot is another practical essay-writing AI tool.
ContentBot is another practical essay-writing AI tool.

ContentBot Pricing

Looking for a way to turn your content creation process into an efficient and cost-effective operation? ContentBot offers three plans that can help you achieve just that! The free plan gives 250 A.I.-generated text snippets each month plus two blog posts, while Premium ($59/m) expands the range with unlimited short-form pieces & 40K long sentences of copywriting goodness.

If even more words are what it takes – go all in with the top tier Premium Plus package at a $99 monthly fee – get as many AI robots crankin’ out up to 150K characters worth of original material every 30 days!

Check out ContentBot today!

Writesonic – AI Essay Writing Software

Writesonic is an AI essay-writing software that uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate high-quality essays. It can analyze a prompt and generate an outline, and then use it to generate a written essay relevant to the prompt. Writesonic also analyzes a sample essay or writing style and then generates an essay that mimics this style.

Writesonic is an excellent AI essay-writing tool.
Writesonic is an excellent AI essay-writing tool.

With Writesonic, you can quickly craft compelling articles that engage your audience. Just give it a couple of lines to get started, and our artificial intelligence will generate an attention-grabbing title tailored to their interests. Then take advantage of many features like editable outlines and content rephrasing modules to ensure your essay is up-to-par with the highest standards in quality! You’ll also have access to helpful grammar checks and the readability analysis, so no detail goes unnoticed.

Writesonic Pricing

Discover the power of AI writing with Writesonic! Enjoy a free trial to explore its features and find ways to work smarter and faster. Perfect for bloggers, freelancers, essay writer, and businesses.

I like Writesonic because the price point is lower than Jasper, and the quality of the AI outputs is comparable.

You can unlock custom plans explicitly tailored for teams or companies – from development models through onboarding support services, starting at just $12.67/month.

Here’s a review of Writesonic versus Jasper for you to learn more.

Dr. Essay – Use It For Help with Your Essay Writing

With Dr. Essay, tackling any essay-writing situation is a breeze! This revolutionary AI software provides students with the perfect combination of content-generation tools for inimitable results. Crafted to suit all academic needs, its capabilities are unprecedented: top-quality papers are effortlessly created when you need them most – it’s why Dr. Essay remains the best choice.

With Dr. Essay, generating articles and researching have been simplified. Our artificial intelligence text generator can write entire essays for you in no time! Add to that our powerful search engine, thesaurus database and sentence shuffler – all designed to make your essay writing more engaging. To top it off, we even have a reference generator that will quickly create bibliographies – making any of your papers look professional and trustworthy!

Dr. Essay Pricing

Get the most for your money. The Basic plan offers 100 actions per day at just $8.95/m, while the Pro plan provides unlimited access at an affordable rate of only $19.95/m – perfect for those needing more flexibility!

I have not used Dr. Essay yet (new AI writing tools are coming out every ten minutes), so let me know what you think in the comments below.

Check out what Dr. Essay has for you!

What Is the Best AI Essay Writer?

Jasper is widely regarded as the best AI essay writer available due to its potent natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, and ability to generate high-quality essays relevant to a given prompt.

Jasper AI writing software is one of the better writing tools for essays because it is excellent at long-form content. As essays are usually longer-form content, Jasper would be ideal for creating them. Plus, Jasper is also good at writing unique content. When writing essays, they must not be plagiarised. Since Jasper is one of the more extensive AI writing tools, it would be great to help research papers, essays and articles and generate long-form content.


AI essay writing tools can help generate written content, especially when you are under a tight deadline or don’t have the time or energy to write an essay. While many AI essay writing tools are available, Jasper is widely regarded as the best overall due to its powerful natural language processing and machine learning algorithms and ability to generate high-quality essays relevant to a given prompt.

Whether you’re a student, a writer, or a professional, an AI essay writer can be a valuable tool to help you generate written content quickly and efficiently. Use the AI tool correctly (aka, don’t rely on it to create your entire essay), and you will write better essays in less time.

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