Exploring the Benefits of Using An AI Writer: How to Use An AI Text Generator to Write With AI properly

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seeping more into our everyday lives.

I know, scary, right?

Well, at least for now, AI is not taking over the world.

AI is mostly good (helping us do mundane tasks faster), but it’s not perfect. One of the things that it is getting better at is content creation.

If you have to write a large article with lots of different information, an AI text generator can be a big help.

When you write with AI, your blogs, articles, social media, and other content writing get done quicker.

AI can help generate content (original content or improve existing content) without committing plagiarism or needing a rewrite.

As you can imagine, AI writing tools help me greatly in my job as a content creator. Honestly, I don’t remember what I used to do before I had them in my life! Perhaps I am being too dependent on them…

But that is my problem (and maybe yours too one day if you’re not careful!). As I have learned, there is a fine line between using AI writing tools to HELP with writing and letting them write for you. If you let AI tools do ALL the work, then people and search engines will not respond to it.

As with anything, you need to find the balance.

This blog post will explore the benefits of using an AI writer, including improved SEO performance and enhanced creativity, and the best way to use AI writing tools to get what you need without being flagged by an AI text catcher. We’ll also review three of the best AI writing tools today: Jasper AI, Copy GPT-3, and Copy.ai.

How Does An AI Writing Assistant Work?

An AI writing assistant works using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist a writer in writing by creating quality content. Through natural language processing, the AI can recognize patterns, suggest corrections or improvements in grammar and syntax, and provide suggestions for words or phrases that might better suit the writer’s style.

Additionally, an AI writing assistant may be able to automatically generate ideas for topics and titles of articles, as well as recommend relevant research sources.

Basically, an AI writing assistant is like using a fast version of Google. Instead of finding articles, researching them, collaborating your research with other articles, and writing it in your own words, the AI just spits out the information. Then you can choose what to do with that info (ideally rewrite it in your own words or at the very least, edit it, so it sounds more human).

What Are the Benefits of An AI Writer?

One major benefit of using an AI writer is that it can improve your SEO performance. An AI writer can analyze your website’s existing pages for relevant keywords and optimize your content accordingly. This helps ensure that your website is optimized for search engine algorithms like Google’s PageRank system—which could ultimately lead to more organic traffic from users searching for relevant terms.

Another advantage to using an AI writer is that it can increase creativity in your written work. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, an AI writer can generate unique ideas and concepts for you to explore—allowing you to take a more creative approach to your content creation efforts.

With natural language processing (NLP) techniques like sentiment analysis or topic modelling, you can further refine these ideas into compelling stories or articles that speak directly to your target audience’s interests and needs.

The key word to remember when using AI writing assistant tools/software is ASSISTANT. Do not rely on AI to create your writing for you. First, AI writing is not perfect and makes many mistakes. Second, the data it spits out is not accurate most of the time. Third, AI detection tools are now available to flag your writing as being written by AI. One such tool is Originality.Ai, where you can buy credits, and it will check to see how much of your content is AI-written.


So while it might be tempting to use the benefits of AI writing tools to their max—letting them do ALL the work— you should know that you will probably get burned for that. Plus, search engines such as Google can detect AI written work and will not rank them as high as original work with thoughts and examples.

However, using AI writing tools to help you get through writer’s block and give you ideas on what to write next is absolutely what you should use them for. Use them as tools to help you improve and increase your writing speed, not as a replacement for writing.

The Top AI Writing Content Generator Tools

Let’s dive into the top tools you should use to help your writing. Several options are available on the market today—including JasperAI, CopyGPT-3, and Copy.ai, among others.


JasperAI is a powerful AI article writer tool explicitly designed for SEO optimization purposes—utilizing natural language processing (NLP) techniques like sentiment analysis or topic modelling to optimize content for search engine algorithms like Google’s PageRank system so that it ranks higher in search results pages (SERPs).

Jasper is awesome, in my opinion. If you are going to use an AI writing tool, then Jasper is the one you should start with. It has everything your need for a reasonable price. They have tons of templates to help you get the best content possible. Plus, the AI-generated text sounds more human than ChatGPT (it sometimes beats the AI detectors). If you want to get the best tool you can use all the time, get Jasper.

One of the best things about Jasper is the Content Improver. sometimes I am in a hurry and don’t want to spend twenty minutes getting the wording just right. I can throw it into the content improver and get some great ideas in seconds.

The Content Improver tool on Jasper

Jasper has two price plans for individuals: Starter (starting at $24 for 20,000 words per month) and Boss Mode (starting at $49 per month for 50,000) and a custom Business plan. You can customize your price plan with sliders on their pricing page. You pay based on how many AI-generated words you want.

Check out our review of Jasper AI here.

Chat GPT-3

The OpenAI Chat GPT-3 tool is a solid AI content-generating tool based on the highly advanced GPT-3 language model. As a result, it can generate coherent text, flows naturally, and is highly responsive to prompts. This makes it an excellent tool for creating a wide range of content, including social media posts, articles, and marketing copy.

GPT-3 can also perform various language tasks, such as translation and summarization, further expanding its potential use cases. Additionally, because GPT-3 is a neural network, it can continuously learn and improve its text generation capabilities over time. Overall, the OpenAI Chat GPT-3 tool is reliable and effective for generating high-quality AI-generated text.

Chat GPT-3 is free to use. Here is the link to the website.

Start by asking questions to Chat GPT-3, and then you can move up to asking it to write more specific content. ChatGPT is getting more popular and , as such, is becoming more difficlut to get into. Sometimes you’ll get the message that the program is full and to come back later. I would imagine that we are going to use this too much and ruin it very soon. But right now, use it to generate ideas.

The best use of CHatGPT is to get questions and outlines for your work. Ask it for ideas, and then write your own work. It will spit out generic, robotic answers if you ask it to write your own work. You can get it to write in different voices and try to beat the AI detectors, but it’s easier if you put in the extra work and do it yourself. Trust me. You heard it here first. Google will stop ranking AI-written articles very soon.

Here’s what Chat GPT is good for:

A quick blog outline from ChatGPT

Or you can use it to get some excellent titles:

Create titles with Chat GPT

Then you can get it to write the rest of your post if you want, but I advise against it. What is the point of writing something if it’s not going to rank on Google or that isn’t your own writing. Most people these days write for one of those two purposes.


Copy.ai is yet another excellent choice if you want access to fully customizable templates and advanced features such as automated grammar checks; plus, its easy-to-use interface makes creating high-quality content a breeze! Additionally, Copy.ai offers extensive reporting functions allowing users access to insights into their writing performance across multiple campaigns over time – perfect for keeping track of progress toward achieving desired goals!

Copy.ai’s pricing plan s simple: there is a Free plan that gives you 2,000 words per month, or the Pro version for $49 per month with unlimited words.

Check out our review of Jasper vs Copy.ai here.

Overall each one of these tools has its pros & cons. Still, they all offer something unique & valuable depending on what kind of project & goals you have set out to achieve – making them essential pieces in any Content Creator’s arsenal!


If you want to write better and faster than ever, you must grab an AI copywriting tool. A state-of-the-art AI content generator can help writers produce content very quickly and, if used properly, make you a better writer.

Remember, these are AI writing assistant tools, not AI-do-everything-for-you tools. use them as helpers and not replacements; your articles will have much more success.

Increase your workflow and content generation with an AI writing platform. Generate articles, produce original content and product descriptions, reword other content, and have a paragraph checker AI tool. AI writing tools can take care of all your writing needs, so check out the AI writing tools in this article and get your writing done faster and produce more content.

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